Lipid Bilayer Membranes

With the INPHAZE Electrical Spectrometer you can rapidly produce novel, publishable data on:
Artificial lipid bilayers can be readily made in the laboratory and provide a vehicle for the study of channels, effects of lipophilic drugs, antibiotics etc.

Electrically a lipid bilayer membrane can be subdivided into distinct layers. The INPHAZE Electrical Spectrometer allows you to characterise the dielectric properties of these layers individually.

The INPHAZE Electrical Spectrometer provides an ideal method for charachterising the substructure of lipid bilayers at the sub-nanometer level of detail.

The INPHAZE Electrical Spectrometer can be used to characterize the effects of steroids, anaesthetics or hormones on lipid bilayers. The instrument also enables you to locate the position of these compounds within the bilayer.

Supported lipid films assembled on substrates can also be readily analyzed using the INPHAZE Electrical Spectrometer

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