The INPHAZE Technology

Background on EIS
Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) is a useful analytic technique for characterising the sub-structure of samples. A small AC signal is passed through the sample and the resulting electrical responses are recorded. This is repeated over a range of AC frequencies. The process provides a unique dielectric profile which is characteristic for the sample. With High Resolution EIS it is possible to resolve layers of molecular and even atomic dimensions.

INPHAZE Technology
INPHAZE uses a patented approach that combines novel electronic design and mathematical algorithms to perform EIS at unprecedented resolution:
- The Signal Generator module produces very pure AC signals
- The Data Acquisition module records sample responses with great precision
- Phase and magnitude of impedance are measured directly
- Unique mathematical processing minimizes inevitable noise and offset problems
- Real-time feedback is provided to diagnose the integrity of setup and quality of measurement
- The Analyser software automatically fits a dielectric structure to model the sample.